A brand about connection and partnership

The first step that we took together was the logo and branding. It was important for the product to have a symbol and a stamp that represented the strengthening of the relationship between the employee and employer, which is ultimately what Ben is there for. The geometric “B” shape stands for the name, which is broken down and repeated to show three shapes that are brought in together and overlapped, representing a unity and connection between the two sides.

Negative version of the logo with the brand colours.
Logo system based on 1. Employee, 2. Employee connecting to the Employer and finally, 3. The overlapping of the different parts.

Ben’s colour palette is dominated by the use of white space in combination with the primary colours: two blues that transmit the safety of the product together with a power red to bring energy to the scheme.

When it came to the application of imagery, what Ben portrays is bringing to life the moments that happen at the intersection of work and life (lunch in the city, yoga in the afternoon, Deliveroo at night, spending time with your kids,...).

App icon and logo applied to a possible campaign promoting a healthy work-life balance with your family.

Campaign sample promoting the possibility of combining sports and work.

Growing towards the App

The collaborative trust grew from both sides and soon we started on taking the next step – caring for the synchronised development of the B2C employee app and the B2B administration panel. We were there from the first conceptual idea to moving the first pixel to development support.  

The project got bigger fast. New insights, new features, and new testings resulted in new designs. What worked at the beginning needed to be iterated eventually. It was our job to constantly challenge every design decision as well as keeping track of every pixel.

Outlook to the Web App flow.
Ben's landing page for companies and employees.
Illustration set for the recognition of the different benefit areas.