All products made by Silberpuls

Since that dinner in 2012, much has happened.  Every product was designed by us, and every feature was collaboratively concepted with the product management team at Westwing. In some years we worked about 40% together with Westwing.

We have collaborated on internal backend process tools for the order management. Streamlining the B2B flow of Westwing operations - but our main focus was always making Westwing a love brand.

The phaseout

With the time Westwing grew to over thousand employees. They now work with more than 5,000 partners and suppliers to give them access to their favourite target group. We at Silberpuls believe in a collaborative and meaningful coexistence and made sure that the transfer knowledge and worked as well as possible, to enable Westwing to work on their own.

We helped hiring the internal design team, made workshops to share our knowledge finally let Westwing go... after eight years we can say with pride: we helped them but we let them go”